Bengals fans would love for Shedrick Jackson to be better than his uncle

Auburn v Ole Miss
Auburn v Ole Miss / Justin Ford/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals are currently participating in mandatory minicamp and someone not being discussed as much is wide receiver Shedrick Jackson. The Bengals signed Jackson as an undrafted free agent out of Auburn and while he has an uphill battle to make the 53-man roster, he's an intriguing name on the team for sure.

Jackson is the nephew of former Raiders running back and Royals outfielder Bo Jackson. He's obviously aware that's going to come up in conversations with people and he has the perfect attitude about it.

Dan Hoard mentioned that when he spoke with Jackson during Wednesday's practice, he said he had mentioned how Bo Jackson was arguably the greatest athlete of all-time. Shedrick Jackson responded, "Second-greatest behind me." How cool is that?

Bengals would love for Shedrick Jackson's comments to be true

Like his uncle, Jackson played at Auburn and was there for five seasons. He finished his five-year stint with 66 catches for 874 yards and one touchdown. He averaged 13.2 yards per catch during his time at Auburn.


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As I mentioned above, Jackson has a tough road ahead of him to make the Bengals' roster but with a good training camp and preseason performance, it's not entirely out of the question. It's good to see the kid entering camp with a lot of confidence though.