Bengals rolling with Joe Burrow, but who else will start at QB in AFC North in 2023?

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
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Ravens starting QB in 2023 will be Lamar Jackson

This is the only entry where there's any room for debate. As you might know by now, Lamar Jackson is a free agent this offseason. It's rare for a young quarterback as talented as Jackson (yes, Bengals fans, I know you don't like him, but the guy is talented) to hit free agency when his rookie deal is up but this is a unique situation.

First and foremost, Jackson's agent is his mother. That right there complicates things, as the Ravens are learning.

Despite Jackson's recent injuries that have gone on to derail Baltimore's seasons, I do think they get a contract figured out for their quarterback. He's listed as PFF's best available free agent this offseason and they have him projected to earn a five-year worth $260 million with an annual salary of $52 million.

This contract could end up being huge for Burrow too, as it might help him get more money. Hopefully, the Bengals have a deal done before Jackson gets paid though.

If Jackson returns to Baltimore, the Ravens have a shot to win the AFC North. After all, the Ravens did just add Todd Monken as their offensive coordinator in a move that should appeal to Jackson. The problem and the risk with signing Jackson is that he's been injury prone the past two seasons. Will Baltimore want to pay him a gaudy amount of money despite the injuries?