Bengals' main areas for improvement following Week 7 win over the Falcons

Atlanta Falcons v Cincinnati Bengals
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Run Game

Like everything else on this list, the run game has seen steady improvement after an awful start. So far in 2022, Mixon went from averaging just 2.7 yards per attempt to roughly 4.9 yards. As it stands though, Mixon has yet to record a game with over 100 yards rushing or multiple touchdowns.

In fact, through six games Mixon has just 2 touchdowns on the ground this season.

Hopefully, as he starts to heat up more and more, Mixon will begin to rack up bountiful yards. With tougher games on the horizon, this needs to happen sooner rather than later. The passing game took awhile, but it finally began to click these last few weeks; however, how can we be sure it'll stay strong without a solid run game to support it?


It's hard to find flaws in a defense that has completely shut down opposing offenses in the second half. If I had to pick one flaw, though, it'd be how inconsistent the Bengals' pass-rush has been at applying pressure to quarterbacks and getting to the backfield.

Right now, the Bengals have only managed to average 1.5 sacks per game; last year that number was up at 2.5. Getting to the quarterback consistently can serve as the catalyst for a game, as seen in the success of Micah Parson and the Dallas Cowboys' scary pass-rush.

Despite a strong unit that includes Trey Hendrickson and Sam Hubbard, the Bengals have not been able to generate many quarterback pressures this season.

If the Bengals can work on their pass rush and increase their sack production, then this defense will achieve undeniable elite status. Otherwise, it remains the unit's Achilles' heel.

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Cincinnati can go a long way if they can improve these flaws, but that's the thing. If they can.