Bengals News: A.J. Green retirement, Dan Pitcher, and more

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team
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In Bengals news, former first-round pick A.J. Green has announced his retirement from the NFL. Also in Bengals news, QB coach Dan Pitcher is still getting attention from other teams despite the Bengals giving him a promotion.

Green was the Bengals' first-round pick in 2011 and he played for the franchise for nine years, tallying 9,430 yards during that time, good for the second-most in Bengals history. Green played his final two years in Arizona and had 1,084 yards.

Pitcher might have gotten a new contract from Cincinnati but that isn't stopping him from interviewing with other teams. Most recently, he's speaking to the Buccaneers who are in search of a new offensive coordinator.

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A.J. Green announces retirement; played for Cards, Bengals [ESPN]

""Thank you. Thank you to all who have supported, encouraged, and inspired me throughout my career. Special thank you to the University of Georgia, Cincinnati Bengals, and Arizona Cardinals for the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I've stayed true to the game and it owes me nothing. Be blessed.. Love y'all! The next chapter begins...""


Report: Dan Pitcher Lands Second Offensive Coordinator Interview With Tampa Bay [Russ Heltman, SI]

As mentioned above, the Bengals gave Pitcher a new contract with the hopes that he'd stay in Cincinnati but they shouldn't be surprised that he's still talking to other teams. If Cincinnati happens to lose Brian Callahan to the Colts, he'll be the easy option to replace Callahan as the Bengals' offensive coordinator.

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With the Bengals not playing in the Super Bowl, fans have turned their attention to free agency and the draft. This past weekend was the Senior Bowl where NFL teams can see what these prospects look like against other top competition.