Bengals News: Andrew Whitworth reunion and Joe Burrow gets another award

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Bengals news revolves around the Cincinnati Bengals being linked to a potential reunion with Andrew Whitworth, who spent the first 11 years of his career in the Queen City. Whitworth joined the Los Angeles Rams in 2017 and won a Super Bowl with them this past season (against the Bengals, sadly) and then rode off into the retirement sunset.

After the Bengals lost their starting right tackle, La'el Collins, to injury in last week's win over the Patriots, rumors started buzzing about a potential reunion with Whitworth.

Head coach Zac Taylor laughed off the rumors during a press conference earlier this week but it's not the craziest idea I've heard. Whitworth spent over a decade of his career with the Bengals and helping his long-time team win a Super Bowl while picking up another ring in the process has to be a fun thought for him.

At the same time, though, Whitworth seemed pretty clear that retirement was the route for him following his win with the Rams in Super Bowl LVI. He told his kids he was retiring and has been living the high life since his football career ended.

While the Whitworth rumors are still buzzing about, Joe Burrow won his third Offensive Player of the Week award for what he did to the Patriots in Week 16. He had nearly 300 yards passing in the first half alone and tossed three touchdowns in the win.

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Would Andrew Whitworth consider unretiring to join Bengals? 'I'll never say never' [Grant Gordon,]

""I mean, I'm technically under contract still with the Rams, and I'd have to, I'd have to kick off the old, uh, dust a little bit and see if I could see if these tires could still move a little bit. But you know what, I'd, I'd never say no to the option, but, you know, I don't know. It'd have to be a sit-down convo with, with [my wife] Melissa and the kids and say, 'Hey, can we do this again or not?'""

Whitworth's quote from Gordon's article

So while a lot of people have been focusing on the "I'll never say never" part of the quote, this quote from Gordon's article doesn't make it nearly as much of a "Yes, I want to come back" from Whitworth. He retired to spend more time with his family and, as he mentioned, he's still under contract with the Rams.

Bengals coach Zac Taylor chuckles at Andrew Whitworth reunion talk [Ben Baby, ESPN]

"Cincinnati coach Zac Taylor chuckled at the idea of luring Whitworth, who retired after last season, out of broadcasting to fill the Bengals' void at right tackle. In so many words, Taylor all but ruled out Whitworth as a possibility."

Ben Baby

If the head coach is laughing and saying it's probably not going to happen, then it's probably not going to happen. Sure, it could be a smokescreen but I'm going to bet that Taylor is a guy who wants to work with the talent he has in-house rather than bring in a retired player who's been out of work for nearly a year now.

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Joe Burrow Wins Third AFC Player Of The Week Award This Season [Russ Heltman, SI]

"Burrow’s now won five career AFC Offensive Player of the Week awards. It's his third this season (Week 7: Atlanta, Week 13: Kansas City). That number marks a Bengals record, no offensive player has ever won three player of the week awards with the franchise in the same season. "

Russ Heltman

Congrats to Burrow on another award! Joey B is racking up the awards this season, so let's hope he can add a Super Bowl ring and Super Bowl MVP to that resumé.