Bengals News: Brian Callahan on Joe Mixon, drafting tight ends, and more

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
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In Bengals news, Brian Callahan noted that the team will be looking for a running back that complements Joe Mixon. Also, what will the Bengals do at tight end in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Callahan appeared on Locked On Bengals and discussed the running back position with the hosts.

""At this point it's it's always going to be what complements Mixon for us," Callahan said. "We have a runner, you know we have a first and second down style back. And so you try to find things that complement that, and that's going to be things in the passing game. "

From Russ Heltman's article linked below

This is interesting because the Bengals had previously said that Mixon can either accept a pay cut or get cut from the team. Now the offensive coordinator is saying the team wants to find a player who complements him in the draft.

Speaking of the draft, it feels like a near-certainty that Cincinnati will be adding a tight end at least at some point during the event. Whether that's in the first, second, third, or a late round remains to be seen.

Here's what's trending in Bengals news.

Brian Callahan On 2023 Running Back Class: 'It's Always Gonna Be What Complements Joe Mixon' [Russ Heltman, SI]

I used a quote from Heltman's article above. Callahan seems adamant that Mixon will be on the team when the 2023 season gets underway.

The case for and against Bengals drafting a tight end in Round 1 [Ben Baby, ESPN]

To draft a tight end or the first round or not? That'll be the question the Bengals have to answer on Thursday. Michael Mayer and Dalton Kincaid could be options for them with the 28th pick. Baby gives his reasonings for why Cincy should draft one in round one and why they should avoid doing so.

Every Bengals First-Round Pick Since 2000. dark. Next

KC Chiefs: Does John Ross have anything left in the tank? [Josh Fann, Arrowhead Addict]

"Ross has had a rough go of things in the NFL so far. His biggest issue through five years in the NFL has been his injury history. The talent hasn’t been in question as Ross has shown flashes, but he’s only played in 37 of a possible 81 games. He’s suffered multiple season-ending injuries—not something that tends to get better as a player gets older. The odds aren’t in Ross’ favor."

Josh Fann

In case you forgot, John Ross is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs now. He signed a Reserve/Future contract with them earlier this year but he's probably a long-shot to actually make their 53-man roster this summer.