Bengals News: Ja'Marr Chase talks trash, trade targets, and more

  • What did Chase say this time?
  • Who are the Bengals being linked to ahead of the trade deadline?
  • Offensive line rankings
Seattle Seahawks v Cincinnati Bengals
Seattle Seahawks v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

In Bengals news, Ja'Marr Chase is up to his trash-talking ways once again. Also, are the Cincinnati Bengals being linked to anyone ahead of the trade deadline?

The last time we saw the Bengals play a game was this past Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks where the Stripes won 17-13. Chase had a big game, finishing with six catches for 80 yards. He wanted to make sure the Seahawks knew who the big winner was when all things were said and done, leaving a comment on their Instagram photo of rookie Devon Witherspoon.

In other news, the Bengals aren't usually a team that makes trades but maybe that'll change this year? Their run game could use a makeover and Derrick Henry could be someone who takes this offense from good to great with the snap of a finger.

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Bengals' Ja'Marr Chase on Seahawks' Photo of Devon Witherspoon: 'LOL HOLD THAT L' [Doric Sam, Bleacher Report]

Chase has never shied away from talking trash during his time in the league. Unlike Eli Apple, Chase usually backs up what he says so this feels harmless. The Seahawks might not feel the same way though.

4 Trade Packages for Titans' Derrick Henry Ahead of 2023 NFL Trade Deadline [Alex Kay, Bleacher Report]

"The Bengals even have the salary-cap room to make this trade work almost seamlessly. The franchise has the third-most cap space in the league right now with an estimated $12.6 million in available finances. If Cincinnati is willing to send over some decent draft capital to the Titans in exchange for their superstar running back, this deal should get done."

Alex Kay

This would be a huge move for the Bengals and it's certainly not a move that the old Bengals would have made. The run game needs a boost though and King Henry could be that boost.

NFL offensive line rankings ahead of Week 7 [Zoltán Buday, PFF]

The Bengals are down three spots from last week, now sitting at 22nd.

"Right guard Alex Cappa has not allowed any pressure over the past two weeks, and his 88.4 pass-blocking grade ranks second among guards over that time span."

Zoltán Buday

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