Bengals News: Joe Burrow contract extension, top-tier receivers, and more

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys
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In Bengals news, there's still no contract extension for Joe Burrow. What could we be waiting on? Also, the Cincinnati Bengals receivers are second to none.

Burrow is entering the fourth year of his NFL career and that means that he's officially eligible for an extension. The Bengals already picked up his fifth-year option so any extension wouldn't kick in until 2025.

Unfortunately for Bengals fans, we might not see an extension get done until Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers gets his new deal done. The two were both drafted in the top 10 of the 2020 NFL Draft and while Burrow's teams have been more successful, Herbert has been terrific in all three years of his pro career. He even won Offensive Rookie of the Year during that 2020 season.

In other news, Burrow has been fortunate to have the best group of receivers at his disposal during his young career. It's no surprise that the Bengals wide receivers were crowned as the best in the league.

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NFL Insider Believes Joe Burrow May Wait on Another Star QB to Sign Contract Extension [Jeff Smith, SI]

Smith notes that Jeremy Fowler of ESPN appeared on The Rich Eisen Show and discussed how Burrow could just sit back and let Herbert's camp figure things out first to set the mark and then all Burrow has to do is ask for more.

"“Talking to other teams, I think Burrow could wait on [Justin] Herbert in L.A. Like, if Herbert can get a deal done first, Burrow can just say, ‘ok, well that’s the benchmark, give me a little bit more than that and we’ll all be happy,’” Fowler stated.

From Smith's article

Ranking top 10 offensive position groups: Bengals receivers and Eagles O-line battle for top spot [Tyler Sullivan, CBS Sports]

Not only are the Bengals wide receivers the best in the league but Sullivan has them as the best offensive position group period. Yes, even over the Philadelphia Eagles' offensive line and 49ers' rushing attack.

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How Many NFL Teams Would Be Instant Super Bowl Contenders by Adding Patrick Mahomes? [Brad Gagnon, Bleacher Report]

This is just a fun article from Gagnon where he looks at what adding Patrick Mahomes would do for the other 31 NFL teams. As he notes in the article, the Bengals are one of the few teams who don't need Mahomes to be a Super Bowl contender, which is a relief considering they took John Ross one pick ahead of him in the 2017 NFL Draft and that looked painful during the 2018 and 2019 seasons when Mahomes was balling out and the Bengals were struggling.