Bengals News: Joe Burrow extension delay, ceiling and floor for 2023, and more

  • What's the hold-up with the Burrow extension?
  • What is the Bengals' ceiling? What is their floor?
  • Not a fun sim for Bengals fans
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) celebrates a first down after running a QB keeper in
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) celebrates a first down after running a QB keeper in / Sam Greene / USA TODAY NETWORK

In Bengals news, why hasn't Joe Burrow signed an extension yet? Also, what is the ceiling and the floor for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2023?

Burrow is entering his fourth NFL season and with three years under his belt, that means he's eligible to be signed to an extension. Earlier in the offseason, it wasn't surprising that a deal didn't get done, as Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts, and Lamar Jackson were all eligible for extensions so it made sense for Burrow to want to wait and let those guys get paid first so he could point to their contracts and make the most money.

Now, however, we're going on a month since Herbert -- the last of the aforementioned three to get paid -- signed his extension and there's still no contract extension for Burrow. What's the hold-up?

Speaking of Burrow, with him at the helm, the Bengals' ceiling is pretty easy -- Winning a Super Bowl. Their floor, however, is trickier to pinpoint.

Here's what's trending in Bengals news.

Jonathan Taylor, Joe Burrow, Chris Jones Have Offseason Business Left to Resolve [Andrew Brandt, Sports Illustrated]

"My sense, however, is that the delay is coming more from Burrow’s side. Maybe—and I would advise him of this—he does not want a seven-year deal (five extension years) and wants a shorter deal, like Dak Prescott, to have another bite at the free-agency apple at a younger age. Or maybe—and I would advise him of this as well—he wants to wait to negotiate a new contract until he has one year left on his contract (2024) or no years left on his contract (’25), although the Bengals will have the tag to work with."

Andrew Brandt

Ceiling and floor for all 32 NFL teams: Chiefs, Eagles, Bengals have Super Bowl dreams, many set to surprise [Jeff Kerr, CBS Sports]

As mentioned above, the ceiling is to win the Super Bowl. The floor, however, is still pretty impressive, as Kerr has the Bengals' floor being that they go 11-6 and lose in the divisional round. This wouldn't be ideal obviously but it shows how far this team has come that their floor is still winning double-digit games and making the playoffs.

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2023 NFL simulation: 285 game predictions, including playoffs [Seth Walder, ESPN]

Look away Bengals fans -- Walder's simulation has the Bengals not only losing out on the AFC North title to the Ravens but also losing to them in the Wild Card round. Oh and the Ravens go on to win the AFC Championship Game. They do lose to the Eagles though, so that's at least one good thing about this sim.