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In Bengals news, the offseason drama is finally over, as Joe Burrow finally has his contract extension. He inked a five-year deal worth $275 million and $219 million guaranteed. Adam Schefter broke the news on Thursday night.

This had been the talk of the town all offseason long and just when it started to feel like the two sides might not reach an agreement before the season began, an extension was agreed to. Burrow signed a five-year deal (he's still on his old contract through the end of 2024) that will keep him in Cincinnati for the foreseeable future.

Burrow said he wanted to be in Cincinnati for the rest of his career and this is the first of several steps to accomplish that.

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Bengals give Joe Burrow massive extension: Where QB stacks up among richest contracts in NFL history [Jeff Kerr, CBS Sports]

Kerr gives a breakdown of the top contracts in total value (Burrow is second, trailing just Patrick Mahomes), top contracts in average annual value (Burrow is first at $55 million), and most guaranteed money in contracts (Burrow is also second here, trailing Deshaun Watson).

How Joe Burrow's historic contract extension compares to other top QBs [Chris Roling, Bengals Wire]

"So it’s the same five-year model in the traditional sense, but vastly more cash. Herbert shakes out at $52.5 million AAV. Lamar Jackson in Baltimore is at $52 million AAV. And Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia is $50 million AAV."

Chris Roling

As Roling mentions in his article, the surprise of this contract was the fact that Burrow got $219 million in guaranteed dough. Roling mentions that Justin Herbert, who was the highest-paid player in the league until Burrow got his deal, only received $133.7 million guaranteed. That's quite a jump but it makes sense for Burrow to get that kind of money considering what he's accomplished so far in his young career.

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Bengals' Lou Anarumo isn't a fan of a funny nickname he's earned [Chris Roling, Bengals Wire]

Apparently, "Lou-dini" is something that Bengals fans are trying to make happen and Lou Anarumo wants no part of it.

"“I don’t want to know any of this stuff,” Anarumo said. “I just want to win the game. My kids will make fun of me if I say something like that.”"

From Roling's article