Bengals News: Odell Beckham Jr. throws salt on the wound, La'el Collins cut candidate, and more

  • Odell Beckham Jr. amped up the trash talk
  • La'el Collins was listed as a name that could be cut
  • Logan Wilson wants to keep all of the stars
Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (3) is forced out of bounds by Cincinnati Bengals
Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. (3) is forced out of bounds by Cincinnati Bengals / Sam Greene/Cincinnati Enquirer / USA

In Bengals news, Odell Beckham Jr. has decided to further spice up the Cincinnati Bengals' rivalry with the Baltimore Ravens. Also, could La'el Collins not make the team in 2023?

Beckham, who spent the 2021 season with the Cleveland Browns before eventually signing with the Los Angeles Rams, claimed that he was going to have a massive game against the Bengals in Super Bowl LVI. He also predicted a blowout.

As we know now, Beckham was hurt but when he exited the game with an injury, he had two catches for 54 yards. He was on his way to having more catches too, as he looked dominant in the eventual 23-20 win for the Rams.

I'm not sure why Beckham felt the need to put this out there. Was it not enough that his team won? Does he really want to tick off the team that has won the AFC North the past two years? The Bengals/Ravens games should be even more fun this year with this little anecdote.

In other news, La'el Collins was brought into Cincinnati following that Super Bowl loss with the hopes that he could help jumpstart a new-look offensive line. Unfortunately, Collins was injured late in the regular season and was sidelined for the rest of the year. Could he be in jeopardy of being cut?

Here's what's trending in Bengals news.

Odell Beckham Jr. Claims Rams Blow Out Bengals in Super Bowl LVI if he Were Healthy [Russ Heltman, SI]

""People have no idea what I was actually gonna do that day," Beckham said to Peter King recently. "It was gonna be the day where I catch 15 balls, maybe 250 yards. The game plan was for me. We would've beat 'em 42-17.""

From Heltman's article

Beckham had been looking good in that game before he went down but to make these comments now is just ridiculous. You won the game. You have a Super Bowl ring now. Just enjoy that and move on.

2023 NFL Roster Bubble: Biggest Names Who Could Be Cut [Kristopher Knox, Bleacher Report]

Knox picked Collins as one of his names for this list and I'm not sure I agree. Sure, the Bengals can save a decent chunk of change by cutting him but right now, Collins is on the PUP list. When he does return, he's a nice backup option to have should either Orlando Brown Jr. or Jonah Williams get hurt. Depth on the o-line is something the Bengals didn't have last year and it cost them so why cut the solid depth here?

"A lot will depend on Collins' health by the end of the preseason. Offensive line depth is always valuable, but so are roster spots for healthy contributors. Releasing Collins would create $7.7 million in 2023 cap space."

Kristopher Knox

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Logan Wilson hopes Bengals retain stars Joe Burrow, Tee Higgins [Ben Baby, ESPN]

""I still think that this contract allows them to get those things done with guys, and hopefully we're able to keep them long-term as well," Wilson said Sunday, one day after he signed a four-year extension worth $37.25 million."

From Baby's article

Of course Wilson is going to say this but you still have to love hearing him say it. He signed an extension last week and now hopes that the organization can retain the other key players looking to get new deals.