Bengals News: Pacman Jones predicts championship, Brian Callahan praises Joe Burrow, and more

Feb 8, 2023; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Adam Jones aka Pacman Jones on the SiriusXM Sports set on radio row
Feb 8, 2023; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Adam Jones aka Pacman Jones on the SiriusXM Sports set on radio row / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In Bengals news, Pacman Jones thinks this is the year the Cincinnati Bengals win a Super Bowl. Also, Brian Callahan had major praise for his quarterback.

Jones, who played for the Bengals for eight years, appeared on The #1 Bengals Podcast and predicted the confetti to finally fall on a championship Bengals team. While he thought this was going to happen, he didn't feel that it was possible to keep the big three together.

One of the big three, Joe Burrow, received compliments from offensive coordinator Brian Callahan. He said that Burrow is basically already serving as a coach. This isn't uncommon of quarterbacks to fall into a bit of a coaching role but it's just more praise for Joey B as he continues to ascend to the top of QB rankings.

Here's what's trending in Bengals news.

Pacman Jones weighs in on Tee Higgins [Dadio Makdook, Cincy Jungle]

"I think this is the year that the Bengals win the Super Bowl. This might be the last year that we have Tee Higgins... I want him here for the long run, but a lot of money is being thrown around... We ain’t talking about millions. We talking about millions and millions of dollars. I don’t know if they can pay it. I don’t know. We got to pay Burrow. We got to pay Chase. If it was me and I was in Mr. Brown’s seat, I would break the bank and make sure all three of them get paid."

From Makdook's article

Brian Callahan on Joe Burrow Entering Year 4: 'Almost Become More Like A Coach' [Russ Heltman, Sports Illustrated]

""Joe almost coaches those guys, he's very clear on what he expects from certain routes, where he wants guys to be the timing that it happens. It's really fun to listen to him explain to everybody what he wants. So when he's making a coaching point to Irv Smith. At some point, all the tight ends are supposed to hear that.""

From Heltman's article

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Forgotten 2022 NFL Draft Picks to Watch in 2023 Training Camps [Kristopher Knox, Bleacher Report]

Daxton Hill makes the cut here. This isn't surprising considering he was a first-round pick who didn't end up seeing the field much as a rookie. When he did, he made a lot of silly mistakes (mostly on special teams). Hill will be expected to lock down a starting job and be the star the Bengals expected him to be when they spent the 31st overall pick on him a year ago.