Bengals news: Rookies prepare to report, ESPN projects Myles Murphy's sack total

Myles Murphy, Cincinnati Bengals (Imagn Images photo pool)
Myles Murphy, Cincinnati Bengals (Imagn Images photo pool) / Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

You can tell football season is on the way, can't you? Spring has sprung as they say. That means that summertime workouts approach, which means minicamps, Cincinnati Bengals training camp and three preseason games will follow. Here's what's so cool about this game we love. There are no leaps that will catapult you too far ahead.

We all have had dreams of orange and black confetti falling on these Bengals, but first things first. Rookie minicamp begins on May 12th.

Bengals news: Rookie minicamp runs from May 12th through May 14th.

Every offseason, there's an NFL Draft. Every offseason, on one of the two weekends that follow, each franchise hosts a rookie minicamp. Cincy elected to host theirs on the second. Eight draftees (Myles Murphy, D.J. Turner, Jordan Battle, Charlie Jones, Chase Brown, Andrei Iosivas, Brad Robbins, and D.J. Ivey) and a handful of undrafted free agents get their first taste of the NFL experience.

Study well young fellas! There's a lot riding on you! We believe in you!

More Bengals news: Myles Murphy projected to notch 21.9 sacks by 2027.

Here's something that you might see as being interesting. ESPN’s SackSEER system tried its hand at projecting rookie Myles Murphy's sack total for his first five years of action. What did they come up with? Try 21.9 quarterback takedowns during his first five seasons on for size.

This one qualifies as a premium content for ESPN Plus subscribers, so we won't share any quotes here, but we will share this. Much of SackSEER's calculations are based on results of any given rookie's workout drills at the NFL Combine.

As you know, Myles didn't participate in any workout drills, so much of what ESPN projects comes by way of using his weight to formulate guesses on what he might have accomplished. Hey, it doesn't sound like the most foolproof system, but it's how they do things.

Here's where we sit. How's this for a bold prediction. Myles will collect those 21.9 sacks, but, at maximum, it will take him three years or less to get there. We don't own a SackSEER system. This is all based off of a hunch, but that's our story and we're sticking to it.