A look at the Bengals playoff odds depending on Week 17 results

What are the Bengals chances of making the playoffs after Week 17's result?
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals squandered an opportunity to get ahead in the AFC playoff race while a lot of other teams in the same boat also lost. That's the good news, at least. The bad news is that the Bengals have to win out now and potentially get some help if they want to punch their ticket to the playoffs.

As of this writing, The New York Times has given the Bengals a 19% chance of making the playoffs. How much does that improve with a win on Sunday against the Chiefs and how much do those odds drop with a loss?

What are the Bengals playoff odds if they win in Week 17?

A win in Week 17 boosts the Bengals' playoff odds to 54%. If they win out, their playoff odds sit at 94%. If they win this week but lose to Cleveland in Week 18, however, that percentage plummets to 20%.

What are the Bengals playoff odds if they lose in Week 17?

If the Bengals fall short for the second time in a row, their playoff odds drop to 7%. Essentially, a loss to the Chiefs this weekend will end their hopes of making the postseason. Even if they were to knock off the Browns in Week 18, they'd only be sitting with 16% odds to make the playoffs.


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