Bengals report card through first quarter of the 2022 season

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals
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Tee Higgins

So far this season, Higgins has been the best receiver for the Bengals. Yes, better than Chase.

Not only does he have more yards than last year's fifth overall pick, but he's just been more consistent overall. His worst game came in Week 1 when he left with a concussion, and since then he's been consistently having good production.

He managed to notch his first 100+ yard game against the Dolphins, catching 7 passes for 124 yards, including a long 53-yard touchdown near the end of the first half. A lot of his success has to do with his physicality, which harkens back to prime A.J. Green how he dominates in 1-on-1 situations.

It's the perfect balance in the receiver room, Ja'Marr brings the speed, Higgins brings the physicality.

Tee Higgins earns himself an A after playing great and playing a big part in the Bengals bringing their record back to .500.

Tyler Boyd

With all the talent the Bengals have in the receiving room, it's easy to overlook Tyler Boyd. He may not always get the eye-popping stats or be in the position to catch 50-yard bombs from Burrow, but Boyd could legitimately be WR1 for a lot of teams in the NFL.

The fact that he's still managed to grab the same amount of touchdowns as Chase and Higgins while putting up 200 yards of his own and having his own 100+ yard game against the Jets in Week 3 is impressive. He's not Burrow's first or second option. I'd even argue that Hayden Hurst gets more looks than him a lot, but whenever he gets an opportunity, Boyd makes the most of it.

Even when he's not catching passes, he can throw a few of his own (even if he wasn't a quarterback in high school, like Herbstreit mistakenly stated last night) like hehe did to Ja'Marr Chase this past week, giving some of the fans who were around before the days of Burrow and Chase reminders of Mohammed Sanu.

Tyler Boyd earns a B grade as well for his performance so far this season.