Bengals report card through first quarter of the 2022 season

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals
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Evan McPherson aka "Money Mac"

Evan McPherson has knocked down three 50+ yard field goals this season. Money Mac is the most consistent and clutch kicker that the Bengals had in a while, which feels like a breath of fresh air after having to deal with a declining Mike Nugent and Randy Bullock for the ladder half of the 2010s.

His first game this season was weird, as Clark Harris had gotten injured and there were a bunch of miscues in what would've been a game-winning extra point and field goal, but since then, outside of one bad kick in a game that was already won late against the Jets, Lil E has been perfect. He broke the franchise record for longest field goal earlier this season and knocked one through against the Dolphins that apparently would have been good from 64 yards out.

Again, outside of Week 1, it feels good to have someone we can consistently rely on to score, as that's been a rare sight for the offense this season. Money Mac is going to be in Cincinnati for a long time knocking down 50-yarders and game-winners.

Through the first quarter of the season, he earns an A- for being the most reliable kicker the Bengals have had in a long time.

Zac Taylor

I'm torn on Taylor. I like him as a person, he's definitely a motivation for the guys in the locker room, but man he is not good at playcalling.

His offensive ineptitude is a big reason why this offense isn't as explosive as it was a year ago and why they're so inconsistent. He'll call a great scoring drive, then do nothing but punt for the next three. It's frustrating. I don't understand why playcalling duties haven't been handed over to Brian Callahan, who is only the offensive coordinator. Just a suggestion.

The offense is bland. Vanilla. It never feels like they're trying anything new except for maybe one or two plays a game. It's not fun to watch like it was last year. And third downs are the worst. Every third-and-long feels like a dump-off to Mixon in the backfield or a short five-yard pass to Boyd or Chase and expecting them to get the other ten by themselves.

I'm not happy with the playcall, no one should be. D+ for Zac Taylor.