Bengals report card through second quarter of the 2022 season

Atlanta Falcons v Cincinnati Bengals
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Zac Taylor

  • Q1 - D+
  • Q2 - D-

Us Bengals fans don't agree on a lot of subjects, but something that's been unanimously agreed upon this season is Zac Taylor's terrible and one-dimensional playcalling. It continues to be the biggest thing -- alongside the shoddy offensive line -- holding this offense back. Zac Taylor is not good at playcalling. That's all there is to it.

It may be a 'collective effort', as he says, but it's clear that Taylor has the most influence of that collective and the fact that we are eight weeks into the season with no change over this is as baffling as it is concerning.

The best example was the first game of this second quarter when they faced off against the Ravens on Sunday Night Football. Not punching it in with Mixon on the goal line after he was averaging over five yards a carry, that trick play resulted in a huge loss and was eventually the deciding moment in this game. So much was wrong with that set of downs alone, not to mention the game as a whole.

The only thing keeping him from getting an F is that he has the ability to script solid opening drives, but that's the only thing going for him. And even then that took a hit this past week when they're opening drive was ended on a pass that was tipped and intercepted.

Taylor isn't the only one to blame for this season's woes, but he is the biggest factor in it all, which makes him deserving of the lowest grade of any major Bengal.

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