Bengals rookie report card for 2022 season

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Cam Taylor-Britt

We didn't get to see Cam Taylor-Britt until Week 7 but once he was in the lineup, he stuck around. He played in 100% of defensive snaps in seven games and appeared in 90% of defensive snaps in 11 games. He stayed on the field and was a contributor to this young secondary.

PFF gave Taylor-Britt grades of 56.1 (overall), 40.0 (run defense), 58.3 (pass rush), and 60.5 coverage grade. He surrendered 31 receptions on 51 targets.

If we were just going off the regular season, Taylor-Britt would probably land a grade somewhere in the B range but he stepped his game up tremendously in the playoffs. PFF gave him much more respectable marks in the postseason (that 81.9 coverage grade is mighty impressive) and that's when it matters most for these guys to play their best ball.

Final grade: We saw a lot of improvement from Taylor-Britt and that will be reflected in his grade. The Nebraska product gets an A- from me.

Zach Carter

Zach Carter was a bit of a surprising pick in the third round but he had a role carved out for him and he played well when called upon. The Florida product appeared in every game and finished the season with 23 tackles, 1 QB hit, and half a sack.

PFF wasn't a huge fan of Carter during the regular season but they graded him better in the playoffs and deservedly so. Carter was particularly praised for his run defense with a grade of 67.8.

Final grade: Carter played well when called upon but I'd like to see him have a bigger pass-rushing presence. I'll give him a B.