Bengals rookie report card for 2022 season

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Cal Adomitis

The plan wasn't for Cal Adomitis to take the field at all this year but after long-time Bengals long-snapper Clark Harris went down with an injury in Week 1, the UDFA out of Pitt was called to action from Week 2 and on.

Adomitis had some rough snaps during the season and that could have led to some of Evan McPherson's rockiness. That being said, he was a rookie and it's better to get those mistakes out of the way now as opposed to down the road.

Final grade: It's hard to grade a long-snapper because you only notice them when they screw up. We did notice some not-so-great snaps so I can't give Adomitis an A. I'll give him a B instead.

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Allan George

Allan George is an undrafted cornerback out of Vanderbilt who nobody ever expected to see on the field, at least not anything outside of special teams. George played in four regular season games and all three playoff games, mostly contributing on special teams.

George's first two appearances saw him playing some snaps on defense and he did okay. PFF graded him at 60.4 overall. When on the field playing defense, George allowed all three receptions sent his way when targeted. Still, when considering that he was an undrafted rookie, I think we can cut him some slack.

Final grade: George deserves an A-. He wasn't supposed to do much for the Bengals this year and he was able to keep a spot locked down on the roster even in the playoffs.