Bengals Roster: Realistic expectations for Owen Carney in 2023

Carney signed with the Bengals last season.
Miami Dolphins Rookie Minicamp
Miami Dolphins Rookie Minicamp / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

Owen Carney is likely an unknown name on the Cincinnati Bengals roster, at least amongst the casual fans. The former Illinois linebacker initially signed with the Miami Dolphins following the 2022 NFL Draft but didn't make their final roster.

Carney signed with the Bengals near the end of the regular season and they signed him to a Reserve/Futures contract when the season wrapped up in late January.

What should Bengals fans expect from Owen Carney in 2023?

Honestly, I wouldn't expect much from Carney in 2023. The defensive line depth is pretty deep so he'll have his work cut out for him.

Ahead of him on the depth chart at the LDE position are Joseph Ossai (a near-lock to make the team), Cam Sample (likely to make the team), and Jeff Gunter. He could potentially pass Gunter with a decent preseason performance but Carney is probably going to remain at the bottom of the totem pole here.


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Maybe he impresses enough to make the practice squad but even that could be a stretch. Owen Carney will have to put together one heck of a training camp and preseason performance if he wants to stick around on the Cincinnati Bengals roster (or practice squad) this year.