Bengals Roster: Realistic expectations for Stanley Morgan Jr. in 2023

Morgan has been with the Bengals since 2019.
Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Undrafted out of Nebraska in 2019, the Cincinnati Bengals signed Stanley Morgan Jr. in undrafted free agency and the rest is history. He's still on the roster and has carved out a nice role for himself on special teams.

As a rookie in 2019, Morgan appeared in 11 games and had just three catches for 18 yards in just 19% of offensive snaps, the most offensive snaps he's taken during his NFL career. He spent most of his time on special teams that year, appearing in 58% of special teams snaps.

Three years later and Morgan has become even more of a special teams guy, appearing in at least 65% of special teams snaps in the past three seasons. He didn't have any receptions this past year, cementing him as a last-resort receiver for the team.

What should Bengals fans expect from Stanley Morgan Jr. in 2023?

While Morgan is an important special teams contributor for the Bengals, he's not a lock to make the 53-man roster. The team drafted Charlie Jones in the fourth round and Andrei Iosivas in the sixth round, both of whom could take snaps from him on special teams.

Our Lads actually bumped Morgan to the third-string receiver to Tee Higgins, sitting behind Iosivas after minicamp. If Morgan doesn't make the team, he'd definitely be a practice squad candidate but if the Bengals opt to only keep six receivers, Morgan could be left off the roster.

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This would be tough for the Bengals and the fans, as Morgan has been a key contributor in an important aspect but the team has to pick the players they believe can help this team win and get a Super Bowl victory.