Bengals star lands in top 10 in NFL total merchandise sales

Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals
Houston Texans v Cincinnati Bengals / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals have one of the most popular players in the entire NFL -- at least in terms of merchandise sales.

The NFLPA recently released a list of the 50 players who sold the most total merchandise last season, and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow landed in the top 10, coming in at No. 7 overall. Ahead of Burrow was Jalen Hurts, Jason Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Christian McCaffrey and Aaron Rodgers. The list includes sales made from March 1, 2023 to February 29, 2024.

Burrow being so high on the list isn't especially surprising. After all, he is a pretty well-liked player dating all the way back to his days as a college player at LSU. Even some of Burrow's biggest rivals on the field really like him.

"Every time I hang around him or every time I catch up with him, man, you love the guy even more," Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said of Burrow recently. "He's one of the best competitors out there. Cool hand Joe, man. Joe Shiesty. He's one of the smoothest football players. Just the most calm, cool, collected. [One of the] great competitors in the game. When you meet him, man, he's ultimately just a great dude."

Burrow not the only Bengal

Burrow wasn't the only Bengal who made the list, as his top target did too. Wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase is also a pretty popular player, and he came in at No. 29 in total merchandise sales.

Overall, quarterbacks made up a whopping 40% of the top 50 list, as 20 different signal-callers made it. The rest of the list breaks down like this: sixteen receivers (32%), four defensive linemen (8%), three running backs (6%), three linebackers (6%), two tight ends (4%), one defensive back (2%) and one offensive lineman (2%).