Bengals Super Bowl odds continue to go in the other direction

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's Super Bowl Press Conference
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's Super Bowl Press Conference / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Entering the season, it made sense for the Cincinnati Bengals to be in the top 7ish or so when it came to Super Bowl LVII champion odds. They overcame the obstacles last year to make it to the big game and were one big play from Ja'Marr Chase away from winning it over the Rams.

This season, however, after sitting at 2-3 after five games, the Bengals' Super Bowl odds are going in the opposite direction. They currently sit with +2900 odds to win Super Bowl LVII, per FanDuel, and that's not what fans were expecting to see from this team this year.

Of course, some fans will point out that this team performs better when they're underdogs so let's see if that ends up being true here.

Bengals +2900 favorites to win Super Bowl LVII

The current favorites to win Super Bowl LVII are the Bills at +400, the Chiefs and Eagles at +650, and the Bucs at +950. Also ahead of the Bengals are the 49ers (+1300), Ravens (+1400), Packers (+1400), Vikings (+2000), Chargers (+2000), Cowboys (+2000), and the Rams (+2300). The Browns are +6000 odds to win it all while the Steelers are looooong shots with +28000 odds.

In the AFC, it's clear that it's the Bills and the Chiefs on top and then a whole lot of other teams trying to prove they're contenders. The Bengals fall in the latter category. At times, they look like they can steamroll any team but other times, things just aren't clicking. That's what this season has been like so far for the reigning AFC champs.

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The good news is that if you're a believer in the Cincinnati Bengals winning Super Bowl LVII, they're currently great value for you to place a bid on them.