Bengals vs Browns: Breaking down the Week 8 announcers

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The Cincinnati Bengals are playing in the final game of Week 8 as they're in Cleveland ready for a spooky Halloween date with the Browns. The Bengals are 2-0 against the Browns on Monday Night Football, so hopefully they'll make it 3-0 after this game.

The AFC North has been interesting so far. The Ravens are 5-3 after beating the Buccaneers on Thursday Night Football so a win for the Bengals would keep them tied at the same record. Baltimore does own the head-to-head but it's still important to keep pace with the Ravens.

As for the other two teams in the division, the Browns and Steelers each have two wins. Cleveland is trying to get their third win of the season and somewhat still be in playoff contention for when Deshaun Watson comes back after Week 11.

Who is on the call for Bengals vs Browns in Week 8?

This is the first time the Bengals have played on Monday Night Football in a few years and it's an entirely new crew for ESPN. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, who used to be a part of FOX's No. 1 NFL broadcast crew, bolted for ESPN this offseason so they'll be the two in the booth calling this game. Lisa Salters will join them from the sideline.

There's also the Manning Cast available on ESPN2, which consists of Peyton and Eli Manning watching the game and inviting a variety of guests to join them for their weekly watch party.

This is a big game for Cincinnati, as they were swept by the Browns last season and in embarrassing fashion both times. Yes, the second loss was in the final game of the regular season when the stripes had clinched a playoff spot but it's never fun to be swept by a team you despise.

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The Bengals are 0-2 in divisional games so far this season. They need a win this week against the Browns.