Bengals vs Cowboys: Stats from Week 2 loss that are unacceptable

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys
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19-play drive

Okay, look -- This play resulted in the team tying things up at 17 all and fans probably felt like the play that chewed up over eight minutes of the clock and took 19 plays was a good thing. After all, the good guys tied things up and momentum was on their side, right?

In the moment, yes, it seemed like a good thing but this isn't the offense we saw dominate last year. The offense that took the league by storm in 2021 was known for explosive plays, not dinking and dunking. They scored fast and that's what made them dangerous.

If it's going to take this team over eight minutes to score a touchdown in 2022, they won't be feared by the opposition at all.

Snap counts for Evans and Hill

What did Chris Evans and Daxton Hill deserve to earn their lack of snaps through two games? Evans appeared in just 1% of offensive snaps while Hill was present for 3% of defensive snaps. Evans' lack of usage is astounding considering the production he showed during the regular season last year and what he displayed during the preseason.

We all knew that once Jessie Bates signed the franchise tag Hill wasn't going to be a starter. As Andrew Russell mentions in the tweet below, there wasn't a place for him as a starter. Russell also notes that Hill needs to see the field though so that when he is a starter next year (more than likely), he isn't using that time to learn. Now needs to be the time that he's learning.

The Bengals continue to confuse me with their snap counts given to players but these two players confused me the most. Why aren't we seeing more from Evans and Hill?

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What stats from this loss do you find unacceptable?