Bengals vs Jets: Offense will rebound to propel team to first win

Arizona Cardinals v Cincinnati Bengals
Arizona Cardinals v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals are in a must-win situation entering Week 3 against the New York Jets. The issues with the Bengals have been well documented, but against the Jets, they have a chance to get into the win column. It is an opportunity Cincinnati cannot pass up.

The Cincinnati Bengals are going to have a few advantages in Week 3 and they will be able to take full advantage against the Jets.

The first area where Cincinnati will be able to take full advantage is on the defensive side of the ball. For how poorly the offense has played early in the season, the defense has made sure the Bengals were in each of their first two games. I would expect the Bengals to bring additional pressure against the Jets to help make sure that Joe Flacco is under duress the entire game. This is going to be crucial in establishing a dominant pressure and helping give the offense the field position it needs to put some points on the board.

The biggest reason the Bengals are going to beat the New York Jets is because of their offense. So far this year, this unit has been the biggest disappointment. The offense has not been able to move the ball consistantly and has cost Cincinnati wins in the first two games. However, this week the unit is going to turn it around.

Bengals offense is key to victory in Week 3

Ja'marr Chase, Joe Burrow, Joe Mixon, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd are going to get rolling. These players are far too talented to be held down for long. the first two games, the unit struggled to come up with any kind of play to combat the two-high safety look. I don't know if the two-high safety look surprised the coaching staff, but it is now clear that Cincinnati needs to alter their play calling to adjust to what teams are doing against them.

I expect this to be the week where the play calling changes. Finding quicker passes and looking for Tyler Boyd in the middle of the field are going to be two common looks that will help break the two-high look. If Cincinnati can start moving the ball consistantly by taking small chunk plays, defenses will have to adjust. That will help the run game, the deep pass game, and play action and RPO looks.

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I predict the Bengals are going to get rolling on both offense and defense this week. With a well oiled team Cincinnati is going to get their first win of the season and show their potential for returning to the playoffs.