Bengals wouldn't have much need for recently-released DeAndre Hopkins

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Well, that escalated quickly. After not being able to find a trade partner this offseason, the Arizona Cardinals have decided to release star receiver DeAndre Hopkins. For Cincinnati Bengals fans, this news isn't going to mean much because this team is more than set at the wide receiver position.

Think about it -- As much fun as it'd be to add Hopkins, this offense doesn't need him. They have Ja'Marr Chase as WR1, Tee Higgins as WR2, and Tyler Boyd as WR3, so where would Hopkins fit in there?

Also, Hopkins has mentioned the quarterbacks he'd like to play with in a perfect world and Joe Burrow didn't make the cut. Instead, Hopkins listed the likes of Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, and Patrick Mahomes.

Don't bank on DeAndre Hopkins signing with the Bengals.

Crazier things have happened, sure, but this isn't something I'd expect to see happen for the stripes. Hopkins is going to be expensive so why spend that much money on a position not of need when Burrow, Higgins, and Logan Wilson still need to be extended?

The Bengals are a good team and players like Hopkins typically would want to play with them but in this situation, there's not much of a place for Hopkins in this offense.

Would it be fun?

Absolutely! Just imagine how frustrated everyone else would be. "Why do they have so many good receivers and we have none?"

Would it be practical?

No. It really wouldn't.

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Don't bank on hearing much more about this from a Bengals perspective.