Bengals WR depth chart predictions after 2023 NFL Draft

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Backups: Trenton Irwin, Andrei Iosivas, Charlie Jones

While Irwin's job isn't safe by any means, he proved himself enough in 2022 that he deserves a shot to remain a backup in the Bengals offense. He'll still have to put together a solid training camp and preseason to ensure that he earns a spot on the 2023 team.

Iosivas, a sixth-round rookie out of Princeton, has the speed that the Bengals possess and could end up being a sneaky-good pick by this team. We've seen Day 3 receivers go on to make noise in the NFL and Iosivas could easily be the next to do so.

Jones, a fourth-round rookie out of Purdue, was drafted to replace Boyd next year. He projects as a slot receiver and can help out on special teams as well. If Jones balls out this year as a backup, there's no reason that he couldn't be the Bengals' WR3 in 2024 and beyond.