Best and worst from Joe Burrow in Week 1 loss to Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
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After seven months of waiting for the Cincinnati Bengals to start their quest to repeat in the AFC, Week 1 didn't go as fans had hoped. Joe Burrow had the worst game of his career, throwing four ugly interceptions while also losing a fumble.

The five turnovers by Burrow helped the Steelers put 20 points on the board, which certainly wouldn't have happened otherwise. The Cincinnati defense was wheeling and dealing and the Steelers offense looked inept for most of the game.

Burrow did have some nice plays too and we'll now dive into his best of the game.

Best from Joe Burrow Week 1

Even though it didn't end up leading to any points, Burrow had a nice run in overtime that could have typically led to a game-winning field goal had Clark Harris not gotten banged up. The run went for nine yards when it looked like the play should have gone for negative yardage.

The new-look offensive line didn't play well in their first game together and Burrow was sacked seven times as a result. Even when protection broke down on this play, the signal-caller was able to take off and make a positive gain.

This run came shortly after the Steelers tried a field goal in overtime that would have given them the win but Chris Boswell missed. That gave Cincinnati another chance to try and win the game but the drive stalled and they ended up punting, figuring that they'd settle with a tie if worst came to worst.

In what was a terrible game for Burrow overall, he still definitely had some of that magic he displayed during his final year at LSU and last year during the Bengals' run to the Super Bowl. He missed all of the preseason after having his appendix removed meaning he hadn't taken a snap in a game since the Super Bowl. Rust is going to be there and he'll be all right as the season gets going. Last year proved just that.

Worst from Joe Burrow Week 1

I mean... Take your pick of any of the turnovers, really. It was a rough day at the office for the former No. 1 overall pick as he tossed four interceptions and lost one fumble. The interceptions were even more frustrating considering just how bad of throws they were.

With five plays to pick from, I went with the first major mistake of the game for Burrow, which happened to be his first pass of the season. Joey Franchise dropped back and had several open options but instead opted to throw to Tyler Boyd, who was well covered.

The end result was Minkah Fitzpatrick plucking the pass before Boyd could get to it and taking it to the house. He put the Steelers up 7-0 just like that. It was a bad throw and did not look like a throw the Burrow we know and love would make.

Just look at the dots from the pick-six in Ben Baby's tweet below (you can see the video if you click on the tweet).

It was a bad game from Burrow but even with his five turnovers and getting sacked seven times, the Cincinnati Bengals still had multiple chances to win the game. Had Clark Harris not gotten injured, the stripes are more than likely 1-0 right now.

Bad games happen to all quarterbacks and it was natural to expect Joe Burrow to have some rust after not playing since the Super Bowl. At the same time, though, it's okay to be frustrated with his performance because he was terrible.

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Here's to hoping Week 2 against the Cowboys goes better for Joey Franchise.