Best and worst from Joe Burrow in Week 2 loss to Ravens

Where did Burrow excel and where did he struggle?
Sep 17, 2023; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) throws a pass
Sep 17, 2023; Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) throws a pass / Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

For the third time in his four-year career with the Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Burrow is 0-2 to start the season. While the former number one overall pick played much better in the Week 2 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, a loss is still a loss and this one was costly.

Not only did the Bengals drop to 0-2 but Burrow came up limping after his second touchdown pass of the day. Being 0-2 was already a big hole to climb out of but being 0-2 with a dinged up franchise quarterback makes that an even tougher task.

Burrow finished this game completing 27 of 41 passes for 222 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. He had a QBR of 60.5 and rating of 85.6 while also getting sacked once and hit five times.

Best from Joe Burrow in Week 2

Burrow threw two touchdowns in Week 2, both of which went to Tee Higgins. The second touchdown pass is my choice as Burrow's best in this one because pressure was coming in hot and Burrow managed to get the ball out quickly and Higgins secured the score with an awesome catch.

Unfortunately, this was also the play on which Burrow tweaked his calf and now he might be forced to miss time or play injured. Neither situation is ideal for an 0-2 team.

Worst from Joe Burrow in Week 2

The injury was obviously the worst but we'll use an actual play for Burrow's worst of the game. It has to be his red-zone interception that he threw to begin the third quarter.

The Bengals were moving the ball well for the first time all season so it really hurt when Burrow threw a pick right to Geno Stone. The Ravens went on to add points to their total and that, in turn, made it harder for the Bengals to come back and win the game. This was a very rare moment from Burrow and that made it even more frustrating.

Had this pick not happened, maybe the Bengals would have ended up winning the game. Instead, the Ravens got the ball back and took advantage of the extra possession. As Stripe Hype's own Christopher Kokaliares alluded to, this was the turning point of the game for Cincinnati this week.


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The one good thing about Burrow's performance in Week 1 was that he didn't turn the ball over once. The same cannot be said this time around and it cost his team badly.