Bleacher Report says Jonah Williams could revive his career with Jets

Williams will be a free agent this spring.
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The Cincinnati Bengals have to answer some key questions this offseason. One of those questions is what they'll do with Jonah Williams, their 2019 first-round pick. Williams was taken 11th overall in 2019 and missed his entire rookie season.

In 2020, Williams missed six games due to injury. He played well in 2021, which was a prove-it year for Williams but in 2022, he was downright bad, leading the league in sacks allowed. This past year saw Williams flip from left tackle to right tackle and he played better but he might not be worth the amount of money he's wanting in free agency.

With that being said, Williams probably signs with a new team this offseason. Alex Kay of Bleacher Report thinks that the former first-round pick has a chance to revamp his career with the New York Jets.

"It's not only possible, but rather likely that Williams returns to form if he signs a contract to play left tackle for 2024 and beyond. If he does, his Spotrac-estimated market value of $14.9 million per year will be a bargain, especially if a cash-strapped potential contender like the New York Jets—a squad that desperately needs offensive line upgrades—is able to land him on the open market."

Alex Kay

Could Jonah Williams make sense with the Jets?

The Jets had major offensive line issues in 2023, as indicated by Aaron Rodgers getting injured just four snaps into his Jets career. While Williams isn't going to be enough to improve the entire line, he could be a good fit for a Jets team looking to start fresh and build a new o-line for the future.

The problem here is that the Jets don't have a ton of salary cap space to work with this offseason. This could make it more difficult for them to land Williams if they were interested in bringing him back.

The Bengals never got the elite play from Williams that they were hoping for when they made him a first-round pick in 2019. Maybe he can still become a solid offensive tackle in the NFL but it could potentially take a change of scenery to make that happen.