Boomer Esiason comments on leaving NFL on CBS

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Cincinnati Bengals legend Boomer Esiason's time with the NFL on CBS has come to an end.

Esiason held his role with on "The NFL Today' on CBS for over two decades, but he and fellow host Phil Simms were recently replaced by Matt Ryan and J.J. Watt in a major station shakeup.

The move came as a surprise to many, but at this point Esiason appears to be at peace with moving in a different direction.

“I was more than happy to step aside. I had my time there,” Esiason said. “I loved that seat. I cherished that seat, I cherished talking to football fans every Sunday, but there comes a time when you have to find some time for yourself. And this was the right time.

“When Sean McManus, who did hire me back in 2022, announced his retirement as CBS Sports chairman, I felt like it was a natural thing,” Esiason added. “I wanted to say something at the Super Bowl, I didn’t think it was appropriate. I knew that Phil (Simms) did not want to retire from this particular show, I was ready. 22 years, I have not had a weekend in 40 years … for me, it’s been a great run.”

Esiason, 63, remains very appreciative of his time at CBS, and as a result he holds no animosity towards anyone following his exit from the station.

“Not one person at CBS, not one boss, not one producer, not one director ever came to me and said, ‘Maybe you should back off with that kind of criticism,’” Esiason said. “I’ve had a number of controversial topics that we had to deal with in the NFL over the last 20 years. So I loved my time there, I have no ill will toward anybody.”

The Bengals selected Esiason in the second round of the 1984 NFL Draft. He won the NFL's MVP Award in 1988 and he was named to four Pro Bowls over the course of his career. He was also inducted into the Bengals Ring of Honor last year.