Breaking down what Bengals practice squad might look like

Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals have to clip their roster to 53 players by 4:00 EST on Tuesday. After they do that, they can keep 16 players for their practice squad. These players will practice with the team and if injuries occur, can be elevated to the active roster.

Let's break down the 16 players the Bengals might keep on their practice squad.

Bengals 2023 practice squad predictions

Hakeem Adeniji, OT

There's absolutely a scenario in which Adeniji makes the team as a backup but if D'Ante Smith's injury isn't severe enough to sideline him for any amount of time, he'll make the team over the former sixth-round pick.

Ben Brown, C

Brown was an exciting UDFA addition last year but an injury sidelined him for the entire year. He's not quite ready to make the active roster yet but a year on the practice squad could do wonders for him.

Drue Chrisman, P

Chrisman might get packed up by a punter-needy team (looking at you, Green Bay) but if he's still available to keep on the practice squad, that's where he'll go. It's always a smart move to have an extra punter available should an injury happen to the current option.

Domenique Davis, DL

Davis looked good in preseason and should be able to land a spot on the practice squad. The Bengals have tons of defensive line depth otherwise he might have had a shot at making the actual roster.

Allan George, CB

George ended up playing in a few games for the Stripes as an undrafted rookie last year but he had some rough moments in preseason. He'll be a nice piece to have on the practice squad if injuries take place in the cornerback room.

Nate Gilliam, OL

Gilliam isn't ready to play anytime soon but he's clearly someone the Bengals see potential in. They'll stash him on the practice squad for a second straight year.

Jeff Gunter, DL

It's a shame that Gunter probably won't make the team but that's how deep the Bengals' d-line was this summer. There's a slight chance that he signs elsewhere but if he doesn't, this is where he'll land.

Shedrick Jackson, WR

Jackson had a good enough showing in the preseason that another team may pick him up off waivers. Bengals fans are probably hoping that doesn't happen so that he can stick around on the practice squad.

Raymond Johnson, DL

The same can be said here that I put for Jackson's entry. Johnson might have been the Bengals' flashiest player on defense this summer so it's hard to imagine him not getting attention on the waiver wire. If he somehow makes it through unclaimed, the Bengals will be thrilled to include him on their practice squad.

Keandre Jones, LB

Jones has been with the team since 2020 and while his regular season playing time has decreased each year, he knows the defense and the team well. He should make the practice squad and be the first linebacker called up if any of the linebackers on the team get hurt.

Kwamie Lassiter, WR

It's too bad that the Bengals won't be able to make room for Lassiter on their roster but there's just too much depth at the wide receiver position. He had a nice preseason though and deserves a chance elsewhere but if he doesn't get that opportunity, the Bengals will be happy to have him on their practice squad.

Jacob Saylors, RB

Saylors didn't get to do anything in the preseason until the final game where he rushed the ball nine times for 27 yards and caught two passes for 14 yards. The Bengals will need running back depth on their practice squad and that's the role Saylors will fill this year.

Reid Sinnett, QB

With Trevor Siemian likely getting an opportunity elsewhere, the Bengals will need to keep a quarterback on their practice squad. Sinnett looked pretty dang good in the preseason finale and is worth keeping around.

Trent Taylor, WR

Taylor might get picked up by another team but the Bengals will be hoping that isn't the case. He'll be stashed on the practice squad on the off chance that Charlie Jones struggles in his return specialist role.

Michael Thomas, S

I thought Thomas would make the team initially but after Tycen Anderson had that crazy performance in the preseason opener, Thomas became expendable. It wasn't a good sign for him that he was playing late into the fourth quarter during the final game.


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Mitchell Wilcox, TE

Wilcox was someone I thought would make the final roster but Tanner Hudson's emergence shook that theory up. Wilcox goes to the practice squad instead.