Breaking down why Bengals fans shouldn't panic about backup QB situation

If Burrow goes down, it's all downhill from there...
Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp
Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Perhaps Cincinnati Bengals fans should consider themselves somewhat lucky this preseason. The biggest roster storyline with the team is how poorly the backup quarterbacks have looked and if that's the talking point, shouldn't we be relieved?

Some teams are having to stress about an atrocious offensive line, others with drop issues, and others about just bad offense and/or defense. The Bengals' biggest worry to this point is that the guy backing up Joe Burrow might not be very good.

Let's put this into perspective, shall we?

Why we don't need to freak out over Bengals QB2 situation

While he's not the only reason the Bengals are a Super Bowl contender every year, Joe Burrow is arguably the biggest reason why the team is a heavy favorite to win it all. Once a team finds their franchise quarterback, fans feel confident that's the guy who can lead them to the promise land. Burrow is that guy for the Bengals.

If Burrow were to get injured and miss an extended period of time, it doesn't matter who is quarterbacking the team. This team isn't going to be the same threat as they would be with Burrow out there.

I know it sounds bleak to say "If Burrow goes down and misses a lot of games, the season is over" but that's the sad reality when you have a franchise quarterback. The risk of injury sinking your season and the huge contract are the only true knocks to having an elite quarterback on your roster.


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While I get the frustration from fans while watching both Jake Browning and Trevor Siemian struggle this offseason, maybe let's be thankful that if this is the biggest worry for the team, they're in a good position to win it all this year... assuming that Burrow can indeed stay healthy.