Celebrating the 513 area code Bengals style

Cincinnati Bengals - 1971 File Photos
Cincinnati Bengals - 1971 File Photos / Clifton Boutelle/GettyImages

With the announcement of a brand new area code coming to the Cincinnati area, we have decided to celebrate the 513 area code. To do that, here is a look at the players who have worn, 5,1,3,13, and 51 in Bengals history. 

Note: Jersey numbers and years played provided by Pro Football Reference.

Who is the best to ever have worn No. 13?

It seems somewhat poetic that in the year Cincinnati announces a new area code, Bengals number 13 was announced to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ken Riley, aka the Rattler, is the best Bengals player to don the number 13. 

Currently, there is no player on the roster to have that number. Other than for preseason games, we might have an Anthony Muñoz situation on our hands. That is to say, 13 may be unofficially retired in the same way as number 78 is. And if it is not, it should be.

There has only been one other player to wear 13 in Bengals history. Punter Daniel Pope donned the number for just one season with the Bengals in 2020.

Who is the best Bengals player to wear jersey No. 1?

Ja’Marr Chase, aka, ‘Uno,’ is the first Bengals Player in franchise history to wear the number 1. And what a debut it has been for that number. Chase has lived up to the hype since coming out of LSU. 

He won Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2021. He also set the record for the most receiving yard by a rookie receiver against the newly hated rival Kansas City Chiefs. Chase has gone over a thousand yards receiving in his first two seasons and has been pivotal in Cincinnati’s back-to-back AFC Championship game runs.

Who is the best Bengals player to don No. 5?

The most accomplished is kicker Neil Rackers. The favorite, however, is more than likely AJ McCarron for his almost game-winning playoff drive against the hated Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2015 season. 

When Tee Higgins officially switches to 5 this offseason, he will, if he does not get traded, be the best player in franchise history to wear the number. But until then, you can decide for yourself which one of the following players is the best to rock number 5.

Here are the other players who have worn No. 5.

  • P Jeff Hayes, ’86
  • K Neil Rackers, 2000-2002
  • QB Jordan Palmer, 2008, 2010
  • QB AJ McCarron, 2015-2017
  • QB Ryan Finley, 2019-2020. If you say Finley is your favorite number 5, we understand completely.
  • What about jersey No. 51?

    The best Bengals player to wear 51 is Takeo Spikes. The linebacker spent the first five seasons of his career in Cincinnati after he was drafted in the first round out of Auburn. He had a 15-year career in the NFL and played for the Bills, Eagles, 49ers, and Chargers. Spikes was a two-time Pro-Bowler and made the All-Pro team in 2004 as a member of the Buffalo Bills.

    1. Other Bengals who have worn No. 51

    LB Ken Avery, ’69-’74

    LB Chris Delvin, ’75-’76, ’78

    LB Tom Rudd, ’79

    LB Rick Razzano, ’80-’84

    LB Tom Dinkel, ’85

    LB Leon White, ’86-’91

    LB Brian Townsend, ’92

    LB Steve Tovar, ’93-’94

    LB Gerald Dixon, ’96-’97

    LB Takeo Spikes, ’98-2002

    LB Kevin Hardy, 2003-2004

    LB Odell Thurman, 2005. Perhaps the most talented player to wear 51 for the Bengals. Unfortunately, off-field issues derailed his short NFL career. 

    2. More players to have worn 51

    LB Corey Mays, 2007-2008

    LB Dan Skuta, 2008-2012

    LB Jayson DiManche, 2013-2014

    LB Chris Carter, 2015

    LB Kevin Minter, 2017

    LB Brandon Bell, 2018

    LB Markus Bailey, 2020-present

    Best Bengals to wear No. 3

    Unfortunately, we will more than likely not get to see safety Jessie Bates in the number three jersey as a Cincinnati Bengal. However, we might not have to wait long to see it on the field at Paycor Stadium. Surely a free agent or incoming rookie who is not a kicker or punter is going to jump at the chance to wear the single-digit number. 

    Maybe we can talk quarterback Joe Burrow into changing his number to 3. That would be the ultimate 5-1-3 connection. 

    Until then, kicker Jim Breech is the most accomplished player to wear 3 because of the fact he played on the 1988 AFC Championship team. 

    3. Other players to have worn No. 3

    K Jim Breech; wore the number 10 for the Bengals until 1984 when he switched to 3. 

    QB Jon Kitna 2001-2005

    K Dave Rayner 2008

    K Clint Stister 2010, five games.

    K Josh Brown 2012, four games 

    K Marshall Koehn 2017, one game

    K Austin Seibert 2020, four games

    K Elliott Fry 2021, one game

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    No, the 513 area code is not going anywhere. But people tend to become intoxicated by the new thing. So before you fall in love with 283, let us pay homage to the 513. And why not celebrate Bengals players of the past, present, and future while we're at it. 

    We love the Bengals 3,000. Who Dey?!