3 contract extensions Bengals must consider during training camp

The Bengals should think about extending these players before the season kicks off
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Joe Burrow, QB

Obviously, the biggest name awaiting an extension, in all of football, is Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. As the no. 1 overall pick back in 2020, Burrow has done everything in his power to become the highest-paid quarterback in the league. He's not just the best quarterback in the AFC North, but is up there with Patrick Mahomes as quite possibly the best in football.

And, when that term is used, it's used somewhat lightly because there have been (and still will be) a bunch of names who will be the "highest-paid quarterback in the league." The quarterback market continues to get driven higher and higher by guys like Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert, just to name a few recent ones.

Of course, Burrow's recent injury is one of a few topics surrounding his name right now. It doesn't appear to be an injury that has or ever will be deemed "serious," thankfully. So, if I'm the Bengals, I continue negotiations as per normal. Those negotiations, too, will probably lead to Burrow seeing somewhere along the lines of a 5-year, $275 million contract, up from the $262.5 million we saw Herbert sign for just days ago.

Aside from his shortened rookie campaign, Burrow has thrown for at least 4,400 yards and 34 touchdowns in each of his other two years with Cincinnati. He led the league in completion percentage in 2021 at an impressive 70.4 percent, which is an absolutely mind-blowing number.

There are plenty of Pro Bowls, All Pro selections and Super Bowl appearances in Burrow's future, so an extension is only a matter of time -- and it should be far less time than we might think.

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