Cincinnati Bengals head coaches ranked by career wins

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1. Marvin Lewis - 131 wins

The longest-tenured coach in Bengals history unsurprisingly has the most wins in franchise history, as Marvin Lewis spent 16 years coaching the Stripes and racked up 131 wins during that time.

Lewis was Washington's defensive coordinator during the 2002 season and the Bengals brought him in as their ninth head coach. He remained with the Bengals for 16 years and while most teams probably would have parted ways with Lewis much sooner, Cincinnati remained loyal to him.

Things started off great for Lewis, as the Bengals had non-losing seasons in each of his first four seasons. That 2005 season is full of "What if's" as the team finished with an 11-5 record and Bengals fans are convinced that had Carson Palmer remained healthy, that team could have gone all the way.

Unfortunately for Lewis, the one glaring mark on his 16-year resumé is that he was never able to bring a playoff win to Cincinnati. The team came close a few times but not having that playoff win is the "Yeah but..." when it comes to Marvin Lewis' Bengals tenure.

Even still, he's the Bengals head coach with the most wins in franchise history and it'll take a while for someone to pass him for that record.

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