Cincinnati Bengals head coaches ranked by career wins

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8. Bill Johnson - 18 wins

The second head coach in Bengals history was Bill Johnson, who was hired to take over after Paul Brown retired from the role. Johnson had played center for the 49ers for over eight years and then turned to coaching.

Johnson was with the Bengals from the beginning, as he was the offensive line coach during Brown's entire coaching tenure. He then took over as the head coach and did well in his first two years, going 10-4 in 1976 and 8-6 in 1977.

In 1978, however, things didn't go as well for Johnson. The Bengals started the year 0-5 and Johnson resigned from his head coaching position. He returned to coaching offensive lines for the Buccaneers and Lions before returning to Cincinnati as the tight end coach, a title that he held from 1985 to 1990.

Johnson might have only notched 18 wins but he's one of two Bengals coaches to have finished his coaching career with a winning record.