Cincinnati Bengals players that we already know will be gone in 2023

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals
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Kevin Huber

It was honestly a bit of a surprise when Kevin Huber opted to return for his 14th NFL season considering that his production was clearly waning last year. Perhaps the long-time Bengals punter returned for his 14th season because the team made it to the Super Bowl for the first time in his career and he wanted to get that ring.

The Cincinnati native hasn't looked great early on this season and with Drue Chrisman waiting in the wings, it feels like even if Huber does want to return next year that the Bengals will say "Nah, we're good".

Huber has done a lot for the Bengals and the city of Cincinnati but he's struggling this year. This past week against the Ravens really proved how difficult things have been for Huber, as he had multiple shanked punts during the Sunday night showdown.

Flipping the field is something that needs to happen for teams to pin their opponents deep and Huber hasn't made that happen. As mentioned earlier, even if he does want to return for a 15th NFL season next year, the Bengals need to be stern and make it clear that Chrisman is their punter moving forward.