Cincinnati Bengals players that we already know will be gone in 2023

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Drew Sample

The second-round pick spent on Drew Sample in the 2019 NFL Draft was a shocker at the time considering his lack of stats at Washington. Even still, Bengals fans didn't complain about the addition of a tight end because that was a position they could use some help at.

Unfortunately, Sample never proved to be anything more than a blocking tight end. He did put up some decent numbers while C.J. Uzomah was out in 2020 but that's about all the former Washington tight end has done during his Bengals tenure.

This year, Sample appeared in two games before landing on IR and more than likely won't be playing again this season. The injury probably put an end to Sample's Bengals career unless they decide to keep him as a blocking option.

While Sample has been a good blocker during his time in Cincinnati, is the team willing to pay to keep him in the stripes moving forward? That's a question they'll have to answer this offseason.