Cincinnati Mayor, Orlando Brown handle Chiefs-Bengals trash talk with brilliant video

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Once upon a time, a local Cincinnati politician -- let's call him ... Mayor Aftab Pureval -- felt a bit of confidence in his hometown NFL team and decided to make a proclamation of glory, like many politicians do.

It was fine. It was smack talk. It was how these things go.

Buttttt .... yada, yada, yada, smash cut to the end of a Chiefs-Bengals playoff game, and Travis Kelce was on the microphone screaming at 1,000 decibels that the Mayor was a jabroni. Win some, lose some. Lose some very badly.

The dust eventually settled on that hotly-contested rivalry matchup at the stadium that's since dropped the "Burrow" and been renamed "Arrowhead," and the Chiefs eventually went on to win the whole darn thing.

That means this year's Chiefs-Bengals showdown -- which was just announced ahead of the NFL schedule release as a Week 17 game -- will feature Cincinnati trying to claw back atop the rivalry. Mayor Pureval? He's just happy to see the game play out on the field, and brought new Bengals import (and former Chief) Orlando Brown along to help him make that special announcement.

Cincinnati Mayor not giving Travis Kelce any bait before Bengals-Chiefs

Yup. No funny business this time around. Like Forrest Gump, that's all he has to say about that.

The rest of the 2023 NFL Schedule has trickled out in fits and spurts ahead of the official release on Thursday night. Luckily for Mr. Mayor and the Bengals, they won't have to travel to any international contests; Cincinnati won't be participating in any of the league's three London games or two Germany showdowns.

No Bengals on Black Friday, either -- that's the Jets and Dolphins.

While we wait to see the specifics of Bengals-Chiefs, as well as the rest of the schedule, unfold, let's just wish the two teams a good game, alright? Orange slices for everyone on Mayor Pureval after the final whistle.