Dax Hill provides honest assessment of his move to cornerback

Hill spent the first two years of his career playing safety.
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Third-year player Dax Hill has a tough task this offseason as he makes the switch from safety to cornerback after playing the entirety of his first two seasons at the former. Switching a position mid-career is never easy, but Hill thinks the transition has been going well so far.

Hill is trying to make the most of a new opportunity

"It's been great so far," Hill said. "Obviously a transition that I've been stacking every day, trying to learn something new every day and critiquing myself whether it's good or bad, and really I feel like my transition from safety to corner's really helped me in terms of just knowing certain calls, say a moving piece on offense happens knowing certain calls or checks to get into."

Hill played some cornerback in college, so the position isn't completely foreign to him, but it's still something that he has to wrap his mind around after becoming accustomed to suiting up at the safety spot.

"Just the mental part of it," Hill replied when asked about the most difficult aspect of the change. "Getting over plays, you're not gonna really stop every play. So having a short-term memory and really just putting it behind me and just moving to the next play. I feel like that's the biggest part of being a corner. You're going against some of the best athletes in the world out there."

Hill hopes that by the time the season rolls around, he'll feel completely comfortable in his new role.

"Right now OTAs, that's going to prepare me and training camp in the summer," Hill said. "I feel like that's all going to mesh together well and help me for the season."

The pressure is on Hill this summer. He's already been moved from one position, and the team's not going to do that a second time. So far, it seems like he has responded well.