Day 3 prospects the Bengals should seriously consider in the 2024 NFL Draft

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We are a little more than seven weeks away from the 204 NFL draft, and just a few days removed from the NFL combine. Hype is building, teams are preparing their final draft boards, and-- most importantly, in regards to this article-- where prospects are projected to go is starting to take shape. Some may have squeaked into the first round with an impressive pro day or combine performance, while others' stocks may have fallen.

Although many casual fans and the media tend to just focus on the first and maybe second days of the draft, it is seven rounds for a reason. Every year we hear about a rookie (or rookies) drafted on Day 3-- or sometimes not drafted at all-- that defied all expectations and put together an impressive first year in the league.

While the earlier rounds are more crucial as whiffing on a pick is far more scrutinized and feels like a true loss, hitting on the last day of the draft is arguably just as important. A truly all-time draft pairs franchise cornerstones in the first round with late-round contributors in the sixth or seventh. And if you're lucky, maybe you'll find a gem in the rough.

With that in mind, here are five prospects projected to still be around by Day 3 of the draft that Bengals' fans and Cincinnati's front office should keep an eye on.

All stats courtesy of Sports Reference CFB.

Brevyn Spann-Ford - Tight End, Minnesota

Spann-Ford's stats don't jump off the page. In 2023 he had 25 receptions for 239 yards and two touchdowns on a rather dismal Golden Gophers offense, and he barely eclipsed 1,000 yards for his entire collegiate career while only finding the end zone seven times. However, what will jump out to you are his measurables.

Brevyn Spann-Ford is a towering receiving threat, standing at 6'6 (although I've seen some sources say as tall as 6'7) and 260lbs, measurables that line up with former Bengals' tight end CJ Uzomah, who had some great moments with Burrow in their limited time together. He didn't have an incredible day at the combine, and that paired with his lack of counting stats in college will probably lead him to be available once Day 3 rolls around.

His biggest weaknesses are an inability, or even unwillingness, to create separation and he struggles as a blocker. With his build, creating separation isn't a must as he'll undoubtedly be a size mismatch in most instances. However, his blocking struggles are concerning. That being said if he's available in the sixth or seventh round, he could prove to be a solid selection.