Day 3 prospects the Bengals should seriously consider in the 2024 NFL Draft

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Isaiah Davis - Running Back, South Dakota State

Regardless of whether Mixon gets cut like some fans and experts are speculating or not, the Bengals should spend one of their nine draft picks this year on a running back, preferably one of their later picks, even if it's just for depth. And Isaiah Davis out of South Dakota State might be the perfect candidate.

Davis played a huge role in the Jackrabbits' FCS Championship run, rushing for 1,578 yards, 18 touchdowns, and an incredibly efficient 6.7 yards per carry, earning himself 1st-Team FCS All-American honors in the process. He stands at 6'0, 218lbs which makes him a tough tackle for defenders, especially in one-on-one situations in open space. Davis has also shown the ability to make cuts as a runner effectively to get away from opposing defenses, which naturally makes him even harder to bring down.

While Mixon has been criticized for his efficiency (or lack thereof) as a runner for the past couple of seasons, one thing you can't deny is that he has excellent ball security. In seven years as a pro, the former Sooner has only fumbled six times-- and hasn't done so since 2021. That is not an easy thing to replace so, thankfully, Davis also excels at keeping a hold of the pigskin, with only three fumbles in his four-year career.

One thing Davis struggles with is establishing himself in the receiving game. In 2023, Davis caught 23 passes for just 199 yards and a single touchdown. While that is a little disappointing, it is far from a deal breaker especially considering that the Bengals have a receiving option out of the backfield in Chase Brown, who flashed his proficiency in that aspect of his game in his rookie season.