D.J. Reader laughs at Broncos' misfortunes vs Chiefs

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII and Broncos defensive lineman Dre'Mont Jones wasn't happy about it. I'm sure you're all reading that first sentence and wondering why this is being discussed on a Cincinnati Bengals site.

Well, after Jones tweeted his hatred for his divisional foe, a Chiefs fan jumped into the comments and reminded Jones how many matchups between the Chiefs and Broncos have gone by since Denver won one. Bengals defensive lineman D.J. Reader saw the tweet and apparently had a good chuckle about it.

D.J. Reader couldn't help but laugh at the Broncos

Look, Bengals fans aren't fond of the Chiefs but this definitely was a funny encounter. Reader randomly popping into the conversation to offer his two cents was pretty dang comical, especially since he knows what it's like to have a team's number. Prior to the AFC Championship Game, the Bengals had won three straight games against Kansas City and they were clearly frustrated.

Now imagine that type of frustration the Chiefs had at the Bengals and multiply it 15 times for Denver. They haven't knocked off the Chiefs since 2015 when Peyton Manning was still their quarterback. It's crazy for a losing streak to continue for more than a few games but the Broncos can't seem to get past the hump that is Kansas City and Reader couldn't help but laugh at the comment pointing that out.

This isn't the first time that Reader has taken a shot at the Broncos. In 2021 when discussing why he signed with the Bengals during the 2020 offseason, Reader mentioned that he picked Cincinnati because of their quarterback situation.

""My agent was like, your options are, who are you going to be on, Joe Burrow or Drew Lock? I was like, I really think I’m going to go with Joe Burrow, Joey B. I like what they’ve got going on, I’m excited. That’s really what it came down." "

D.J. Reader

Clearly, Reader likes dunking on the Broncos.

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Bengals fans might not like that Reader is laughing with Chiefs fans but this seems harmless. It was a funny tweet and he simply pointed out as such.