Easy, Medium, Hard: Categorizing 3 Bengals 2024 primetime games

Cincinnati has a total of 5 primetime games on the schedule.
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages
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Medium: Dallas Cowboys -- Week 14, Monday Night Football

Talent wise, the Cowboys have it, from Dak Prescott to CeeDee Lamb, and even Brandon Aubrey. This is a good team that typically does well during the regular season, and a matchup between them and the Bengals will be one to see in Week 14 on Monday Night Football. Prescott finished out 2023 with 36 touchdowns and 4,516 passing yards, which is impressive, and with a talented team behind him, this will not be an easy win.

However, the Cowboys aren't as consistent when it comes time for playoffs, and with an ugly 42-10 loss to the San Francisco 49ers last season, a matchup between the Bengals and the Cowboys would be one of a medium level of difficulty. Burrow has a 0-1 career record against the Cowboys, so he'll be eager to try to get his first win against them.

Hard: Baltimore Ravens -- Week 10, Thursday Night Football

This will definitely be one of the hardest matchups of the season, since the Ravens are a strong, talented team. This is the team that almost played the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl last year, but fell to the Kansas City Chiefs 17-10 in last year's AFC Championship. Burrow has a 3-4 record against Baltimore, so these matchups are always competitive nail-biters. There's no doubt that the Ravens are hungry for redemption, which makes them even more dangerous, especially after winning the AFC North last season.

In addition, the Ravens have secured running back Derrick Henry for two years for $16 million. Henry is undoubtedly impressive, finishing out 2023 with 1,167 yards and 12 touchdowns with the Tennessee Titans. With Henry as a Raven, they will be a stronger team than before, making this matchup hard, but certainly not impossible.