Final weather report for Bengals vs. Texans Week 10 matchup

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals / John Grieshop/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals can win their fifth straight game this weekend but they'll have to get through the Houston Texans first. While the Texans have been a scrappy team this season, the Bengals are the better team on paper and hopefully will persevere to move to 6-3 on the year and stay alive in the AFC North title race.

A win in this game would mean the Bengals are riding a five-game win streak when they head into Baltimore on Thursday night in a game that could decide who wins the AFC North (yes, even in Week 11). This will be even more true if the Ravens end up losing to the Browns this weekend, as both teams would have the same number of losses entering that game.

This will certainly be a fun game to watch but what will the weather look like for the big match-up? Let's take a look.

Bengals vs. Texans weather

According to NFL Weather, it should be a gorgeous day at Paycor Stadium, especially in mid-November. It'll be 55 degrees with clear skies at kickoff with light winds. By half-time, it'll be 58 degrees with clear skies. By the fourth quarter, it'll be 59 degrees outside with clear skies. This is perfect football for this time of year and should help the Bengals offense do whatever it wants against the Texans.

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