Final weather report for Bengals vs. Titans Week 4 matchup

It'll be toasty in Nashville!
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans
Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals head to Nashville for a date with the Tennessee Titans as both teams hope to exit Week 4 with a 2-2 record rather than a 1-3 record. The Bengals have owned the Titans in recent years, winning four of the last five match-ups against them and three straight.

With this being a road game, some Bengals fans might not be aware of what the weather will look like for the game, considering it's not in Cincinnati. We've got you covered.

Bengals vs. Titans weather

According to NFL Weather, the temperature at kickoff is projected to be 84 degrees and sunny with 6 MPH wind gusts. It's going to get hotter as the game goes along with the temperature in the fourth quarter sitting at 87 degrees with those same 6 MPH wind gusts. There's no rain in the forecast for this game.

It'll be the hottest game weather-wise that the Bengals have played all season but it certainly beats playing in a torrential downpour like they did in Week 1 against the Browns.

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The Bengals need to win this game to get back into the AFC North title conversation. A loss would put them at 1-3 and they'd be further behind whoever wins the Browns/Ravens game, as both of those teams already have a win against the Bengals and would move to 3-1. The loser of that game, however, will be 2-2, so the Bengals can easily get back into this race. It starts with a win in Tennessee.