5 Former Bengals hoping to advance this weekend

Former Cincinnati Bengals players are still in the playoffs, hoping to advance with their new teams. Read about their journeys and their roles on their current teams.
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DL Raymond Johnson III (Lions)

One of the more popular players over the last two offseasons was Raymond Johnson III. The defensive end showed promise by rushing the passer from the interior and end spots. Johnson also showed the athleticism to play in coverage when called upon.

However, despite two consecutive years of preseason performances more than worthy of making the 53-man roster, Johnson could not crack the team’s roster.

When the Bengals selected Myles Murphy in the first round, Johnson’s chances to make the squad in 2023 took a hit. Nevertheless, he made the best of his preseason snaps, which should have landed him on the final roster.

Johnson has been on Detroit’s practice squad since being signed by the Lions after his release from Cincinnati.

The talent is there with the undrafted Johnson. Unfortunately, he has not had the opportunity to show what he can do in the regular season or the playoffs. But his year is not over, and he might get a shot before Detroit’s season finished.