Grading Joe Burrow's performance from Week 16 win vs Patriots

Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots
Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots / Nick Grace/GettyImages

Joe Burrow was off to quite the start in the Cincinnati Bengals' narrow victory over the New England Patriots on Saturday. Before halftime even hit, the former No. 1 overall pick had nearly 300 yards through the air and passed for three touchdowns. The Bengals were up 22-0 as a result.

When the second half hit, however, he and the rest of the Bengals offense struggled to move the ball and failed to score a single point. Were it not for the Cincinnati defense forcing a last-minute fumble, the Bengals might have lost this game.

Burrow attempted 51 passes, just two shy of his season-high, which he did back in Week 1. The run game did him no favors, clearly. Burrow finished with 40 completions for 375 yards, three touchdowns, and two interceptions. Neither pick was really on Burrow, to be honest.

What grade does Joe Burrow deserve for Week 16 performance?

If I was grading Joey Franchise for his first-half performance, he'd have so many +'s attached to his "A" that it'd stretch this page out on your browser. Unfortunately for him, however, football is a four quarter game and he didn't play that well in the second half.

The Bengals scored zero points after halftime and while the 375 yards look impressive on paper, a lot of that came from the first half.

That being said, the Patriots have a good defense and Burrow carved them up in the first half. They, like the Bengals often do, made the right adjustments, and it paid off for them. Burrow was clearly not able to do the same things that worked for him early in the game.

I'll give Burrow a B+ for this game. He started off red-hot but cooled off down the stretch. The Bengals needed him to go be Joey Franchise and get some points on the board and he didn't do that. That's why I can't give him an A.

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What grade are you giving Joe Burrow this week?